Golden Triangle Days in Austin


The Golden Triangle is made up of three main communities, Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange. Before 2007, each community would held an event in Austin during the session of the Texas State Legislature, which meets bi-annually, to lobby for support and change in each community. There was a realization that combining the events would create synergies allowing for increased participation.

The birth of Golden Triangle Days in Austin happened in 2007 when the leadership from the three Chambers joined together as a unified group. This bold and effective bond created a larger and stronger presence in Austin to lobby for regional issues and change. It has proven to be a smart decision and one that continues to be utilized in every way possible.

The area Chambers of Commerce invite you to be a part of the Golden Triangle Days in Austin delegation. The citizens representing businesses and families of Jefferson and Orange Counties are asked to attend this event. Opportunities to build business relationships with others throughout Southeast Texas, as well as with state officials, agency directors and their staff members will also be available.

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