Contractor’s Business Development Group

May 21, 2021


The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce held their monthly Contractor’s Business Development Group meeting in May. Echo Group was the breakfast sponsor, and Mike Roebuck spoke about the services they provide such as, full-service design and fabrication, field services, specialty insulation, blind specialists, and industrial contractor. He said they are one of the oldest and largest locally owned industrial contractors in our market.

In this meeting, Travis Woods, the chairperson of this committee, discussed the various upcoming projects in the Texas and Louisiana area. Especially with the $250 billion dollars approved to the industries in this area to do pipeline work. Industry companies such as Colonial Pipeline, Tallgrass Energy, and Enable Midstream Partners, among other industries in Westlake and Lake Charles, LA. will be conducting these pipeline projects and in doing so they will also be expanding in the area.

Mr. Woods also announced a new application that is being developed, and once ready, it will be able to be downloaded on mobile devices. The app is called, Industrial Resource Portal (IRP), where businesses can register specific details about their companies and view upcoming events in the industrial area.

Ending, Mr. Woods commented on new CO2 gas projects coming to Texas and Louisiana. Things are starting to ramp up, so continue making those local contacts. Special thank you, Dr. Betty Reynard and Lamar State College Port Arthur, for hosting this event on campus.      

~ Mireya Perez