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Jan 06, 2017



We are into our 117th year at the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. We are looking forward to a pro-business administration relaxing some of the regulations that have been strangling the growth of the oil and gas industry in this great country. The legislation through regulation, that has been practiced for the last years, has cost Texas jobs and energy. The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce will be joining with the Texas Association of Business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in prying control of our future from these, unelected, agency heads in Washington and returning that power to the states and our elected officials.

It is our hope we see the pipelines completed and the flow of crude from the north freed up to feed our Texas refineries. Not only is it less expensive but it is safer to transport oil and gas in pipelines than above ground methods. If this country will get over being afraid and allow our industrial members to develop our resources we will see 2017 be the year of energy independence and prosperity. If we can couple the relaxation of regulation with the simplification of our tax code I believe we can return to our place as the strongest country in the world and if we apply the teachings of our religion we will be in a position to help the rest of the world achieve freedom and increased prosperity. 

The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce is an economic development non-profit organization, member driven and member controlled. If you wish to be part of the 117 year old, pro-business organization call us at 409-963-1107. We are teaming up with the city, county and other non-profits to “Make Port Arthur, Texas Great Again.”

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