Proud of Our Community

Jul 10, 2019

Proud of our Community

At the Chamber Leadership breakfast, we had a large crowd gather to hear updates from the City of Port Arthur, Lamar State College Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Drainage District No. 7, Sabine Navigation District, Jack Brooks Regional Airport, U. S. Coast Guard, and the Port Arthur Independent School District. Our keynote speaker consisted of Larry Kelley, Port Director/CEO and Michael Sinegal, Jefferson County Commissioner PCT 3. 

Mr. Kelley commended the Port of Port Arthur Board of Directors always communicating the importance of what’s good for our area by hiring local persons to fill employment positions. The Board consists of; John Comeaux-President, Raymond Johnson-Vice President, Linda Turner Spears-Secretary/Treasurer, Norris Simon-Commissioner and Randy Martin-Commissioner.

Some of the products that are delivered to the Port are the following; imported eucalyptus pulp from South America, fence pickets, fiber board and lots of lumber just to mention a few.  Also, an abundance of ultra-low Sulphur diesel and renewable energy is exported. The Port is also a hub for project cargo serving the area’s Energy infrastructure. Our Port serves the world’s energy needs through energy independence by exporting this diesel. They continue to serve our nation by helping with maneuver training for the U.S. Army and rail equipment as needed.

The Port of Port Arthur continues to be an economic engine for our area; 24,445 jobs generated, $14.5 billion of total economic value and $205.1 Million of direct, indirect and induced State and Local taxes. Capital Project Plans total over $125 million with the expansion of Berth 5, Houston Avenue truck court, Berth 5 Backlands development, Berth 6, Berth 6 Backlands development, laydown and rail expansion and access road resurfacing.

Currently, the Port has 17 employees to help manage the operations. In addition to the above they continue to serve our community by providing opportunities for the youth to explore maritime careers thru Camp Sea Port.  Camp Sea Port has been in existent for the past 11 year offering two programs, one in the summer and one in fall. Over 150 students have attend over the years.   

Mr. Michael Sinegal commended the Port of Port Arthur Board and the Chamber for always having a set of core values for our business community and exploring economic opportunities. He ended by saying that it’s “exciting times in Jefferson County with the 40-60 billion being invested in the area.” He encouraged that working together was key to our future successes. So, stay tuned for more exciting times ahead.

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