Texas 2036 Continues

Nov 20, 2020

Last month as promised, I am expanding on my article regarding Texas 2036.


Texas needs to Assemble a Foundation for Long-Term and Strategic Success

To thrive and excel in the future, Texas must methodically change to meet the increased demands of a rapidly growing population in order to retain our affluence.  To accomplish this goal, we must possess accurate data.

Texas 2036 relies on six pillars to achieve this goal:


Education and Workforce



Natural Resources

Justice and Safety

Government Performance


Having accurate data in these key areas will help us make smart decisions for our future.

On January 28th, the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce will celebrate our 121 Annual Banquet.  Please join us to hear more about Texas 2036.  President and CEO, Margaret Spelling is this year’s keynote speaker.



As we embark on a bright future, Texas 2036 has published our strategy by generating 36 principle goals which are tied to our state’s dominance, and wealth.  The mission is to address our most challenging issues that Texas faces-head on.

We hope to see on January 28th to hear more about Texas 2036 from this dynamic nationally known leader. 

Pat Avery

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