Thank You for Being a MEMBER

Dec 18, 2020


THANK YOU for being a MEMBER

Thank you comes in many languages Muchas Gracias, Grazie, Cảm ơn bạn, Merci, Bedankt, and Vielen Dank.


Let us celebrate the New Year by celebrating our members. The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Chamber Team-Pat, Paige, Joe and Joliana would like to say, “THANK YOU” to all our members. As we face an economic recovery, your Chamber needs you and hope you see value in your Chamber. In 2021, we will be 121 years old serving the business community. We play an integral part with helping our current businesses, business expansion, economic growth, attraction of new businesses, as well as supporting key issues facing our community and region.

As your Chamber Team and Board Members, we are in the same community with you. We have served many years in our community to make sure all business voices are heard both locally and regional as well as with our elected officials at the various levels of our government. We are honored to be alongside you to work towards the betterment of our community.

“Thank you for being a member. Take advantage of your membership by participation, and networking are half the battle. Knowledge of jobs, partnerships and relationships are the progress. Your Chamber is an exclusive group that is built on commerce by working together!”-Paige Snyder, IOM Membership Director.

So, let us push forward in 2021 and consider this an opportunity to re-focus expenditures, experience new technology, gain new contacts, visit old connections, and learn of new developments. Take advantage of your membership by utilizing the Chamber.  

Paige Snyder, IOM, Membership Director

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