Transportation Summit

May 31, 2019

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Hosts Transportation Summit at Lamar State College Port Arthur


The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce hosted a Transportation Summit at Lamar State College Port Arthur on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2019. Those giving update included: Texas Department of Transportation, Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission, Jefferson County, City of Port Arthur, Sabine Neches Navigation District, and the Port of Port Arthur.

Host Mr. Ron Arceneaux with Arceneaux, Wilson and Cole and Mr. Jeff Hayes with Hayes Real Estate were on hand to welcome the guests from all over Southeast Texas and South West Louisiana.


Highlighted topics included

Sabine Neches Navigation District

  • DEEPENING: I’m pleased to share that the Sabine-Neches Navigation District is taking the last few critical steps to secure a partnership agreement (PPA) with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) that would signal the start of construction for the deepening project. The Navigation District and the Army Corps of Engineers will be meeting in early June to move towards the final partnership agreement.
  • LNG EXPORTS: In March 2019, The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) recognized the Sabine-Neches Waterway as the nation’s largest energy exporter thanks to Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass LNG export terminal. With Golden Pass and Port Arthur LNG, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the Sabine-Neches Waterway will be the nation’s leading LNG exporter for a very long time come. 
  • CRUDE OIL EXPORTS: We are consistently among the top 3 crude oil exporters in the nation (along with Houston and Corpus Christi). Any given month, we can be number one. 
  • WATERBORNE STATISTICS: In 2017, our waterway accounted for 178.5 million tons which ranked us third in the nation (behind the Port of South Louisiana and Houston). Our growth rate was the highest in the nation at 13.3% (Port of New Orleans had 6.7% and Port of Corpus Christi had 6.5% growth).
  • BEATING PROJECTIONS: Two years ago, the Navigation District projected that the waterway would see 210 million tons by 2026. Through the first five months of 2019, we're on track to beat our 2026 projections based on the tonnage from deep draft vessels alone.
  • CLOSING: Most importantly, though, we have room to grow and we are eager to accommodate new industries and sectors. The Navigation District is grateful to our public ports, private industries, and the people of Southeast Texas for working day in and day out to make the waterway the economic driver it is today. The outlook for the Sabine-Neches Waterway has never been better.
  • SABINE PASS PORT AUTHORITY: Key Areas of Focus 1-5 Years  Create new business opportunities for Port Operations with focus on barge and supply service vessels, Expand the shrimping fleet operations, Grow the bulk fueling operations with RelaDyne Marine Services, Develop opportunities for new business growth with construction of warehouses and office buildings, Be a catalyst for economic development in the Sabine Pass Community,  Continue to develop Marina operations as best in class for TX Gulf Coast, Promote the Sabine Pass area as premier fishing / recreational destination and support Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. and Coastal Conservation Association with the artificial reef program.


  • Port of Port Arthur: 24,445 Jobs Generated by The Port of Port Arthur and Local Maritime Activity will include 7,543 Direct Jobs, 12,149 Induced Jobs and 12,296 Indirect Jobs with $14.5 Billion of Total Economic Value. $5.4 billion in direct business revenue,  $1.5 billion  of indirect re-spending of direct income and local consumption purchases, and $7.6 billion of output supported with related port users. $205.1 Million of Direct, Indirect and Induced State and Local Taxes with 39.2 million tons of cargo as reported in 2018 by Army Corps of Engineers, the 17th largest port in the U.S. climbing from 20th in one year.  19.2 million tons of exports, 10.1 million in imports and 9.9 million of domestic moves. Capital Project Plans include:
    • Berth 5 expansion – 600’ dock                                                   $40 million
    • Houston Ave Truck Court -                                                           $750k
    • Berth 5 Backlands development                                               $5 million
    • Entrance road widening                                                               $1.2 million
    • Access road resurfacing                                                                $750k
    • Laydown and rail expansion                                                       $6.3 million
    • Berth 6                                                                                                 $55.0 million
    • Berth 6 backlands                                                                            $6.0 million
    • State of good repair                                                                       $10.0 million


  • City of Port Arthur Remedial Street Projects: The City has 19 remedial streets to be completed by October 2019. Of the 19 streets, 5 are designated for contractors to accomplish. The 14 left on the list are to be completed by City Crews. The 5 contracted streets have been completed. The City crew completed 12 of the 14.  The two (2) remaining streets are scheduled to be finished by the end of June 2019. The City is ready for a new list of streets for remedial.

–      The City has 17 Streets designated to be rehabilitated. The City has completed 10 streets.

–      The City had seven (7) streets designated as reconstruction.  Three (3) streets are in construction.  Three (3) are advertised for bid.  And one (1) is scheduled for bid advertising in July 2019.  These projects are scheduled to be complete by January 2020

–      The City has 19 remedial streets.  We have completed 17 of the 19 remedial streets.  The last 2 (two) are scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2019

–      The City had 17 rehabilitation projects.  12 have been completed and five have been reclassified as reconstruction.  And awaiting Round 3 Reconstruction.

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