Veteran's Day Message

Nov 11, 2020



Motiva’s Flag today honoring Veterans, flying beautifully on Savannah Avenue.


My tribute each year while at the Total Refinery honoring our Vets.


Please take a moment to reflect and give thanks.



Each year as a manager in my companies years ago, I would send this note out to all employees at this time of year.  The notes that I received back were so heart felt and appreciative from our Vets.  Enjoy!


On behalf of all of us in the free world, thank you for your service to our country.  American soldiers are brave, dutiful and very special citizens.  


Many lives have been loss in war and my thoughts are with their families today.  Many have survived but are physically and mentally wounded and many came home OK.  They all deserve our attention always but especially today.  Call you dad, brother, uncle, neighbor or friend and tell them, “THANK YOU”.


Most of our Vets are probably reminiscing today recalling both good and bad memories.  There are those of you who we praised when you arrived back home from war and some of you who were shunned at the time.  The country has since tried to right that terrible wrong with the Memorial Wall and the Vietnam Statue in Washington, but probably nothing we do will ever erase that pain of being blamed for an unpopular war completely, a war that you had nothing to do with starting and you should still be honored.  


There are those of you that served in peace time and those that served in war.  We salute you all!  I would like to say to those that served in war that this day is probably much more emotional for you, thinking of those that did not come back home with you.   I would imagine that you are thinking of some of the conditions you faced in which to survive yourself.  I hope that you believe that your sacrifice for us was worth it.  


Those of you who served in peace time, it taught you discipline and pride and because you served, it was a deterrent to countries to avoid war with us.


Next time you see a soldier in uniform, go up to him or her and thank them for keeping us safe.  Tell them that you are proud of them.  I recently returned from a trip to Denver a couple of weeks ago and I did just that to two servicemen on their way to being redeployed and it made their day.


Happy Veteran’s Day to all Veterans, your contribution to our freedom has been, is and will continue to be in the future, invaluable to our country and makes me proud to be an American.


Enjoy your day of honor.


Pat Avery


Pat Avery, President/CEO

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 

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