Fittz & Shipman, Inc.

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Member Fittz & Shipman, Inc.
501 Procter Street  Suite 323
Port Arthur, TX 77640
Phone (409) 832-7238
Fax (409) 832-7303
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Member Since 12/8/2020
Business Categories Engineering - Civil & Structural

Business Description

Fittz & Shipman, Inc. was founded in 1980 in Beaumont, Texas as an engineering and land surveying firm dedicated to civil, structural and surveying consulting services. Since those early days we have grown from a three-person company into a thriving firm consisting of approximately 30 staff members carefully cultivated for their expertise, qualifications, and commitment to excellence. We have never lost sight of our goal to serve the Southeast Texas area and improve the quality of life fo... Read More

Fittz & Shipman, Inc.
501 Procter Street, Suite 323

Port Arthur, TX 77640