The movement of persons and goods is critical for economic development in the Golden Triangle.  Over 100,000 vehicles pass through our area each day on Interstate 10 alone.  Half a dozen state highways converge in the region making us a hub for regional and national transportation.


Similarly, the Sabine-Neches Waterway is the nation’s fourth-largest shipping channel and accesses more than 60 local terminals linking our industrial infrastructure with markets around the world.  Proposed natural gas liquefaction plants will cause an increase in traffic in the ship channel.


Current transportation issues and needs include the following:


  1. We support legislation intended to enhance the competitive position of all Texas ports, rail, highways, airports, and pipeline networks that will facilitate national and international trade.
  2. We support policies intended to speed the regulatory permitting processes for transportation and industrial development.
  3. We support the continuing expansion and improvement to IH 10 and US Hwy. 69 through the region.
  4. We support the improvement to the US 69,96, 287 Cloverleaf Interchange with SH 73 in Port Arthur which will modernize the 50+ year old highway and improve safety, traffic flow, connection to our Port and access to adjacent highway frontage and industrial infrastructure.
  5. We support efforts to rebuild and stabilize the Gulf shoreline in Jefferson County  and to reconstruct SH 87 from Sabine Pass to High Island.
  6. We urge a cooperative effort between local, state and federal agencies to design and construct shoreline stabilization for Pleasure Island in Port Arthur to protect state and local roadways.
  7. We support the issuance of bonds for financing infrastructure when it makes financial sense, generates positive economic returns and provides adequate revenue to retire obligations.
  8. We support the continued use of pass-through financing and other alternatives that enhance the ability of local communities to participate in transportation planning and development.