Cheniere Foundation Partnership

Sep 18, 2020



Cheniere Foundation Partnership


Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce

$45,000 Grant

The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Cheniere Foundation and the Port Arthur Education Foundation has teamed up to launch an invigorated and revised Mentoring Program.

Here is an overview of the program:

Since Port Arthur is on the cusp of major revitalization and in order to sustain this trend, it is imperative that young people throughout the area are equipped with the skills necessary to be productive members of their community. While these individuals possess an ambition and enthusiasm for upward mobility, their lack of professional skills has been an obstacle to finding meaningful job placement and eventual career success. To help address this issue The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce (GPACC) has developed The GPACC Training and Mentoring Program. This program has been recognized by the United States Chamber of Commerce during the GPACC’s accreditation period.

During their time in the Training and Mentoring program, participants will work in a hands-on environment with the GPACC and partnering organizations. To offset any lost wages during their time in the program, participants are paid for their hours worked with the Chamber. The program is divided into six 6-week sessions with generally 3 participants included in each session.

Since the program’s inception in 2012, the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce has successfully tracked 77 previous participants. As of July 8, 2020, 62 were in the workforce and/or job market and 2 are currently enrolled in higher education institutions. Although efforts have been made to stay in contact with all former participants, 13 are unaccounted for.  The Chamber currently has an 83.11% success rate.

The goal of this program is to provide participants with the soft-skills and professional etiquette necessary to career success. This includes, but is not limited to, subjects such as: compiling a resume, developing interview skills, general accounting principles, social media and office etiquette, exposure to working in group dynamics, and general communication skills.

At the end of the program participants will:

•             Possess increased awareness of their personal strengths and abilities

•             Connect their strengths and interests to potential career pathways

•             Gain awareness of post-secondary education options

•             Learn how to set stretch goals and targets

•             Be better suited to network and communicate in the workplace


Thanks to Mrs. Amy Miller and Mr. Moises Murillo from Cheniere Energy, Inc., for their help and support for this program.

“The need for real life mentoring in the workplace is vitally important to our youth. We are excited to help launch this endeavor and look forward to this new partnership with the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce”.  Amy Miller-Cheniere Energy, Inc.

“I have been fortunate enough to have people in my life to help guide me in my professional career. I am proud to support a program aimed at helping a new generation of aspiring young people succeed.”  Moises Murillo, Cheniere Energy, Inc.

“We want to thank the entire Cheniere Team for helping us to make a positive impact on the lives of the students that will be participating in this program. It is essential that we never give up on helping our future leaders to be successful” Joe Tant, Executive Director, Port Arthur Education Foundation.

“By receiving this $45,000 grant from the Cheniere Foundation, the number of young people that we will be uplifted, as well as the multitude of improved new career paths forged and aspirations achieved, will be tremendous! On behalf of the GPACOC’s board of directors and the chamber staff, thank you so much Cheniere Foundation, for giving back to your community in such an impressive way.”  Pat Avery, President/CEO, Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce.





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