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Apr 21, 2020

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Here is the hyperlink to check on your stimulus check:
If you would like to apply for unemployment compensation, please check the hyperlink below:
Texas Workforce Commission
How to apply for Unemployment Benefits and a "Chat" option
It is hard to stay focused on the future right now but soon we will be past this crisis so we mustn't forget to obtain the maximum federal dollars to our cities, counties and our region. We must not forget to register with the census. All we have is time right now so make it count! See hyperlink below:

U.S. Census-This is the direct link to THE page to start your Census
As we journey further down this path of unfamiliar territory, stay tuned to correspondences from your Chamber of Commerce. You can follow us numerous different ways: our website which we blast on every single day or through our Facebook page. The information is below:
Our Website
Our Facebook Page

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