Sabine Pilots Building Dedication

Jun 23, 2021


If you haden’t had the chance to drive by the beautiful new building of the Sabine Pilots, please take the opportunity to see at 2605 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., Port Arthur, TX. The Greater Port Arthur Chamber was honored to be a part of the building dedication and assisted in the ribbon cutting. Captain Charles A. Tweedel led the event, while our own Father Oubre blessed the building, pilots and all whom attended.

The Sabine Pilots serve the shipping industry and the public ports of Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange as well as the private oil terminals and the industrial complex of Southeast Texas. The Sabine Neches is the economic lifeline and the gateway to world commerce. It is the duty of the Sabine Pilots to maintain the safety and the environmental integrity of the waterway.

“Sabine Pilots still believe in the Energy Renascence, we consider it a modern Spindletop and feel well positioned to facilitate the growth yet to come in Southeast Texas on the Sabine Neches Waterway.” Captain Charles A. Tweedel, President-Sabine Pilots.

There are currently 31 Full Branch Pilots and 15 trainee pilots. With the addition of 21 new pilots over the last five years, they are the fastest grwoing harbor pilot association in the U. S. . The Sabine Pilots have moved more LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) ships in the ast four years than the rest of North America combined.

We would like to thank all the Sabine Pilots that have been navigating ships in our waterways since 1881 and providing good stewardship to the waterway.

Paige Snyder, IOM

Membership Director