Success Story - Shawncella Carrier

Mar 19, 2021

Success Stories

As the lead for the Chamber’s Mentoring Program, I have the privilege of collaborating with interns from Lamar State College, Texas Workforce Solutions, and other workforce experienced entities.

One of our greatest success stories here at the Chamber has been a young lady named, Ms. Shawncella Patot Carrier. Shawncella was introduced to The Chamber by the Lamar State College Program in Port Arthur, Texas in 2015.

Shawncella shares that her time at the Chamber was, ‘Overall a great experience and it helped me a lot, from meeting and interacting with new people to participating in political activities. I really enjoyed learning ways of the businesses and being able to provide any help that I could offer to them. My time spent here at the Chamber allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and gave me a little boost of confidence to succeed”.

In addition, an advice that Ms. Carrier also shares, is to always try to volunteer in any activities available, as this helps you pick up different types of skills.

The Chamber is very proud to hear that Ms. Shawncella is being successful by teaching boating classes for Texas Parks and Wildlife as well as continuing her Audio Visual Production degree.

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